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All Glass 75 gallon tank

Dimensions: 48 x 18 x 20
Lighting: Two 48" 110Watt All Glass compact flourecents
w/ GE Freshwater/Saltwater Aquaray bulbs
CO2: 10lb cylinder w/ a DIY reactor
Filteration: Eheim 2026 Pro II
Substrate: 100% Seachem Flourite

This is really my experiment tank where I try different species of plants. Not really
aquascaped per say as its constantly changing as I add and remove plant species.
The dimensions of this tank allows me to use a lot of species of plants and
satisfy my craving to trying new plants. At minimum it can be somewhere
around 35 species at any given time.

The one thing that bothers me most about this aquarium is the color of the substrate.
It's too red and sometimes overwhelms the green color of plants. Its for this reason
that I've decided to only use a few red plants and now I'm trying to completely
carpet the forground with something green. I've tried several species but still have not
settled on anything that I like. Glossostigma grew too fast and only stayed in its prime
a few weeks before it got overgrown and would start dying in patches. E. tennelus 'green'
was also quite invasive and too tall for my taste. I've tried many other species for the foreground but still haven't settled on anything I like.

A fun tank to work with. I'll post an update here shortly with latest pictures.