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All Glass 46 gallon tank bow front

Dimensions: 36 x 15 x 20
Lighting: Single 36" 110Watt All Glass compact flourecent
w/ GE Freshwater/Saltwater Aquaray bulbs
CO2: 5lb cylinder w/ a DIY reactor
Filteration: Eheim 2213
Substrate: 100% Seachem Onyx

Finally! A real effort to aquascape. I satisfy my collectoritis with my 75G tank, so
this is the tank that actually gets to be aquascaped. Although it's seen its share
of major changes, the number of plant species is kept under control. At the
time of this picture, the aquascape is about 6 months old. Its coming along
as planned, though a little behind schedule. The hairgrass underwent a major
slowdown for some unknown reason and STILL hasn't covered the foreground
completely. That forced me to add another foreground plant, Marselia crenata,
but I'd still rather have the hairgrass take over. I also am having trouble trying
to figure out what to keep in the back-middle of the tank. I recently
changed it to rotala sp. 'green' - hopfully it'll grow in as planned.

Dicrossus filamentosa, is one of my favorite inhabitants
of this tank. The picture doesn't do this fish justice. When the light hits it just right, the irredescance is breathtaking! I've got 4 males and 2 females. I'll try
to get them to spawn in a few months.

A small stand of Hydrocotyle verticillata to the front left
of the tank offers visual interest to an otherwise boring section. This plant, originally in my 75G tank, almost got thrown out but I decided to give it a chance in my 46
and I'm glad I did!

I'm keeping several 'uncommon' plant species in here. Rotala sp. 'green',
Calitriche sp., Marselia crenata, Microsorium pteropus 'narrow leaf'. The marselia
I received from Eric Leung, who's website and aquascapes
are an inspiration. Microsorium pteropus 'narrow leaf', I received 8 months ago
as two 3" peices from Loh, an active member of the APD from Singapore. Its
a beautiful plant with 1/3 inch wide, 9 inch long leaves. It is for sure a permanent
part of my plant collection.
The calitriche sp. is another plant I received from
a member of the APD. Its a US native, with delicate stems and leaves. You have
to see it in person to appreciate it.

I love the contrast between the gray of onyx and green of plants. Thats why I've also
limited the number of red plants in here - the only one is ludwigia arcuata.
I'm trying to get a small stand of it going behind the calitriche. Since the leaf
texture is similar, the color contrast should really bring a nice touch to that

The shape of this tank makes it a challange to light up properly. The front corners are always
a little dark and a good amount of consideration has to go into decided what to grow there.
Overall a very pleasing tank to look at. I will post newer pictures on here as the foreground
grows in.